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                  Industries Served


                  Spearheading processes and products that match the needs of demanding customers, Kloeckner leads the North American appliance industry.

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                  The Appliance Industry

                  Kloeckner is continuously innovating with a wide range of processes and products to meet the needs of sophisticated appliance customers. With 52 full-service branches across North America, Kloeckner can produce an unprecedented scope of high-quality products to customer specification, including aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and PVD, to any grade, finish, and aesthetic requirement. Kloeckner matches its global scope of product with full supply chain management and superior customer service. No matter strict environmental standards or rising customer expectations, Kloeckner gives customer the high standards of design, functionality, and price they expect.

                  Additional Industries Served

                  In addition to serving the appliance industry, Kloeckner caters to a wide range of related industries including the oil & gas, electrical, and food service sectors. Thanks to our unparalleled product scope, our full logistical support, and our superior customer support, our clients come to us over and over to supply their metals needs.
                  Plate Fabrication
                  Spearheading processes and products that match the...
                  Spearheading processes and products that match the...
                  Spearheading processes and products that match the...
                  Fabricators & Machine Shops
                  Spearheading processes and products that match the...

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